Our Board

2018- 2019 Generation Success Board of Directors
  1. Cheryllyn Branche
    Mrs. Branche is our Board President who comes to us as a former educator and counselor. She is well versed in trauma-informed practices, school leadership, and mental health services. Mrs. Branche is also UVA Turn-Around certified.
  2. Barbara Hornsby
    Barbara Hornsby is a well respected community and business member in New Orleans. She has spent over 20 years as an auditor and accountant with the Federal government, as well as some national and local firms. She brings tact, critical accounting, and a love for growing the New Orleans community to our Board.
  3. Nancy Ryan
    Nancy Ryan is an esteemed educator with a history of leading and working with high functioning districts and charters. She brings a passion for governance and a willingness to change the face of New Orleans education as a whole.
  4. Imari Ruffin
    Ms. Ruffin is a community liaison and partnership building specialist. She uses her MBA to craft lasting community ties with government, private, and public entities. She is our Board Secretary.
  5. Kelvin Oliver
    Kelvin Oliver is a voting Board member who comes to us with expertise in Restorative Practices for youth. He has a long history of academic administration and education consultancy.
  6. Noel Kennedy
    Noel is a voting Board member who comes to us with a diverse array of skills in business and education. She has been a Special Education educator and Coordinator throughout her career.
  7. Jené Liggins, Esq.
    With over ten years of experience in law, case management, intergovernmental relations, legislation, and public policy, she has transitioned her career to charter school operations; designing and implementing systems and procedures to maintain a clean, safe, efficient, organized learning environment. Jené brings her legal and systems expertise to the Generation Success Board.

Next Board Meeting is:

Nov. 12th  from 6 to 8pm

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/8502694009  

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